Our Watermead Gifts’ website was launched at the beginning of 2021 following the requests of those who would usually come to our shop. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the shop has been mostly closed, to adhere to the various local and national restrictions relating to “non-essential” retail.

The Watermead Centre is the headquarters of the Watermead Publishing Apostolate and is next to St Joseph’s Catholic church in Leicester. We produce our own cards, books, music and gifts, sharing them with people around the country and world through our internet shop and various other retail outlets. These are displayed in the Centre’s Gift Shop, alongside thousands of other spiritual items we make available, and we know the facility has grown over the past 20 years to become a welcome resource to the local Catholic and Christian community.

As the pandemic continued to restrict shop opening through 2020, we added some seasonal items (for delivery and ‘click and collect’) to Watermead Publishing’s internet shop. This proved a popular facility, not just locally but nationally, and, as the various requests came, we began to explore the possibility of a more suitable Gift Shop platform from which to share the many items we offer over the internet. This website is the result and, though we cannot include all that is available in our Centre’s shop, we hope that visitors find it a very useful resource.

The Watermead Apostolate began in 1992 with a hymn "Our Song Gives Praise" and a prayer book “Words of Prayer and Encouragement”. Do visit our apostolate website where you will find free resources and can read our fascinating story, meeting many of the people involved over the years.